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I felt and thought about this site blog for a long time. I have just started my journey recently. I love my animal cards and use them every day. I also feel drawn to shamanism and reiki meditations and literature relating to these.

My goal is to write about my personal journey. By doing this I wish and hope some thing’s resonate with you, the reader. And I wish and hope it helps with your personal journey and to say you are not on your own.

I will be writing about shamanism, reiki and will review some books, Audible books, Kindle books and anything spiritual that pop’s up.

I would love to connect to all spiritual people of all works of life and also those, like myself, just starting out.

My goal for 2020 is to have positively helped those look at things spiritually in a different way. To start, renew and continue their own personal journey. Also to share positive discussions and exchange ideas.

Benefits of spiritual healing

Spiritual healing has been around for a long time and is used for resolving variety of problems and disorders. The importance of spiritual healing is now realized more than before because of the chaotic lifestyles and stresses of the material world. Many spiritual healers act as channels for this healing energy and once they have tuned in to their client and understand what needs to be healed, the practitioner can then direct it in such a way that it brings about benefit and relief for the client. The following are some benefits of spiritual healing:

1. Reduce stress

Keeping up with the demands, challenges and competitions that are thrown upon us can take a toll on our mind and body. This can cause lots of tension and stresses in our life that can not only take a toll on our mind and body, but also on our spirit. Spiritual healing can help us to cope with some of these stresses and learn to handle them in a better way.

2. Cure minor health problems.

Spiritual psychic healing can be utilized to cure minor conditions like aches and pains, migraine headaches, back aches, etc . It is cost-effective, non-invasive and with no unwanted side effects. It truly is brought on without having to use traditional  technical, mechanical, or chemical substance treatments.  Although this appears far-fetched, there is substantial information that indicates that spiritual healers can assist in alleviating cancer.

3. Strengthen the mind

Energy healing enables you to get over unfavorable emotional baggage brought on by every day challenges, turmoil, and doubt.  It will help instill tranquility, power and acceptance within the human brain regardless of what the specific situation is.  Psychic healing is often advantageous for anybody who feel that they are lacking a harmonious relationship of body, mind or spirit. Thus, spiritual healing helps in establishing the mind and body connection and also helps us to connect our spirit with the higher power that resides with us and in the universe. 

Achieving Spiritual Development Despite A Materialistic World

During the earlier days, people primarily used their instincts as well as their psychic abilities in order to figure out the world and live life in such a way that they will attract positive energy at all times. However, it has become a totally different scenario nowadays, especially that we now live in such a materialistic world wherein scientific technologies and discoveries rule our lives.

Although these things make the lives of human beings much easier and bearable, they have also unfortunately, created a barrier between us and a thing called spirituality. With such blockade obstructing our minds and hearts, we are then limited to what we can only sense and therefore, hinder us from achieving spiritual development.

Shield From Temptations And Negative Energies

Truly, it is very important that we are able to achieve spiritual development in our lives, especially in the world that we live in. Essentially, it can be our tool in shielding us from the temptations and negative energies which the modern life presents to us. With a developed spirituality within us, it can therefore be much easier for us to ignore materialistic fantasies and desires and stresses coming from the busy and hectic demands of the world. What is more, when we have finally obtained a developed spirituality, it only means that we have freed ourselves from becoming victims of the negative energies that surround us. In other words, we can always do something to protect ourselves from the things that can harm us; not only to our physical bodies but also our mentality and balance as well.

Auras Emanating From Within Ourselves

All of us have an inner spirituality and energy which generally emanate from our bodies. This is what many people call our aura. Basically, our aura comprises of the things which our body holds including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. A person with a lively aura may simply mean that he is satisfied with all of the beings present inside of him. And when a person emanates a negative aura, it means exactly the other way around. However, auras are not only emanated but can also be shared with another person. This means that if a person exudes a negative aura in him, he can definitely influence other people’s aura into being in the same state.

Negativity Making It Worse For Human Beings

Furthermore, it is true that our world today is filled with such negative auras and unhealthy temptations. Many people are deprived of spiritual development simply because they are distracted by the countless materialistic things which they think are indispensable in order to survive. And what is more, instead of making people content and fulfilled with their lives, these materialistic things only make it worse for them. And so what happens is that they are ushered into wanting more making them more focused on materialism instead of on developing their own spirituality. Clearly, as long as a person does not recognize that having a fully developed spirituality is necessary, he can never be satisfied and happy with his life.

Therefore, as soon as you feel unhappy about yourself, you must immediately fight that vulnerability to be attracted to all of the negative energies around you. Such a state is very difficult to handle especially if you do not want to open your mind and heart to making your very own spiritual development. One thing is for sure, for as long as you stay in a negative state, you will certainly be geared towards getting engaged in unhealthy and negative activities as well as experiences.

Healing Through Spiritual Medicine

The world in which we live in today consists of countless material possessions and desires. Indeed, it has become a difficult task for people to acknowledge the simple things in life since they are now blinded by the quantity of riches and fame.

Remember that however simple these things may be, they are much more important to the lives of human beings than those materialistic possessions you can never ever bring with you when you pass away. These simple things include the concept of spiritual medicine wherein people can truly feel saved and protected from the temptations and evils in the world. With the term spiritual, it is simply saying that we are openly bringing ourselves to our faith to God and restoring our bodies in their spiritual state. 

Balanced Aspects Of The Body

It is true to say that the human body is not simply composed by the physical being but rather of other aspects as well including the mental, emotional and spiritual beings. These four things should be balanced inside the human being in order for the person to have a healthy state. However, more often than not, one or two parts of the body do not perform well and therefore; the body is left vulnerable to all sorts of negativity. 

Most of the time, people do not realize the importance of their spirituality in order to maintain their well being. Especially today that we are living in such a materialistic and egoistic society; people tend to totally forget how to develop their spirituality and thereby, ultimately saving themselves from harm. And when a person experiences a decline in his spirituality, chances are his physical body is also affected. This is when his body can be ill or be inflicted with all sorts of diseases. Although scientifically he can be cured in his physical state, it does not necessarily mean that he is cured completely.

Healing A Body Through A Healing Force

It is during this time that spiritual medicine comes in. It is when a person is healed not by tangible drugs or therapies, but rather by a healing force that is much greater than any medicine that can be found on earth. This healing force comes from the external part of the universe and therefore enters the wisdom of the person and restores his functions and the areas that have been affected by his illness. Such transfer of energy is indeed a mysterious thing that nobody ever seemed to prove in a scientific and experimental manner; however, for most people it can simply be called faith. 

With a suffering person waiting to be healed, spiritual medicine can readily exchange the healing force that comes from the outside or from God to the negative forces that are building within his body. Such a method can be done by a healer who has experienced spiritual awakening and development and is capable enough to mediate the transfer of the healing force. As soon as the spiritual aspect of the body is restored into its normal state, the person can already say that indeed, he has finally been cured from the burdens of his sickness. 

4 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Not getting enough sleep at night isn’t the only thing that is draining your energy. The little things that you do and don’t do throughout the day can cause you to become exhausted, both physically and mentally, making getting through the day a challenge. 

Here are four everyday bad habits that can have you feeling tired and low on energy.

1) Skipping Exercise When You’re Tired

Thinking that skipping your workout to save energy is working against you. 

Regular exercise can provide you with a substantial boost to your strength and endurance and helps to make your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your body. 

Getting just 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week will have you feeling less fatigued and more energized. 

2) You’re Not Getting Enough Iron

If you have an iron deficiency, you could begin to feel sluggish, irritable, weak, and unable to focus. With an iron deficiency, less oxygen is able to travel to your muscles and cells, leaving your feeling more tired. Reduce your risk of anemia by boosting your iron intake by eating more lean beef, eggs, kidney beans, tofu, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables and peanut butter. 

3) You Make Mountains Out of Molehills

If you’re too afraid to ride your bike because your worry about getting into an accident, or you assume you’re about to get fired when you get called into the boss’ office, then you’re guilty of expecting the worst-case scenario. This kind of anxiety can paralyze you and drain you mentally. When you catch yourself having these kinds of thoughts, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what the worst thing that can happen is, and how likely will it be that the worst really will happen. Meditating, getting outside, or exercising can help you better cope and become more realistic.

4) You Live on Junk Food

Foods that are loaded with simple carbs and sugar rank high on the glycemic index, which is an indicator of how rapidly carbohydrates will increase your blood sugar. Constant blood sugar spikes followed by sharp crashes will cause you to feel fatigued over the course of your day. Eat lean protein and whole grains at every meal to keep your blood sugar level. 

There are many things that you do throughout your day that can lead to fatigue and low energy. Understanding your bad habits can help you develop a plan to correct them and lead you to live a fuller, more energetic life.