Welcome to Unique Utopia Tribe

I felt and thought about this site blog for a long time. I have just started my journey recently. I love my animal cards and use them every day. I also feel drawn to shamanism and reiki meditations and literature relating to these.

My goal is to write about my personal journey. By doing this I wish and hope some thing’s resonate with you, the reader. And I wish and hope it helps with your personal journey and to say you are not on your own.

I will be writing about shamanism, reiki and will review some books, Audible books, Kindle books and anything spiritual that pop’s up.

I would love to connect to all spiritual people of all works of life and also those, like myself, just starting out.

My goal for 2020 is to have positively helped those look at things spiritually in a different way. To start, renew and continue their own personal journey. Also to share positive discussions and exchange ideas.

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